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The Santa Cruz County Business Council is a 501c(6) advocacy organization that represents the largest employers in Santa Cruz County, with a primary focus on business and quality of life issues, including housing development, transportation, homelessness, and water infrastructure. The organization also serves as the general public affairs arm of the county-wide business community; joining coalitions, drafting letters of support, and working to place members of the business community into positions of influence or engage key stakeholders.
The SCCBC boasts over 80 dues paying membership organizations, including a diverse executive officer team with member representatives from Google/Looker, UC Santa Cruz, Cruzio Internet, Marianne’s Ice Cream, and Kindpeoples.
The Business Council collaborates with members and partner organizations to support policies and projects that promote more affordable housing, denser and more walkable cities, and shortened commutes for members of the local workforce. Some of the initiatives we have supported include ballot measures (including Measures D, H, L, M (oppose), R, Y, and Z), larger land use plans like the Downtown Plan and Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan, and specific projects like UCSC’s Student Housing West, the Mixed Use Library Project, 130 Center Street, 831 Water Street, and others.
Development is a highly intersectional issue and it impacts virtually every aspect of life here in Santa Cruz County, from workforce development to transportation to climate change to social justice and everything in between. The Business Council engages on issues if and when they impact the local economy and community at large.


Member organizations are the driving force behind the Business Council. Made up of leaders from a wide variety of businesses within Santa Cruz County, members work together to identify, discuss, and promote solutions that further economic and community vitality. Within this member group, there are members who serve on our Executive Committee, Board of Directors, or the regular Council. 


our members


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